Crazy 88 Auto Review Do Not Purchase From This Scam Company

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Crazy 88 Auto Review Do Not Purchase From This Scam Company

After hearing the commercial for $88 dollars down and $88 dollars a month payments. I decided to give this company a call It was answered by a automated service and I proceeded to give them my information, anyway after giving the automated system my name and address I started to wonder, it was just past 2.00pm why was there nobody there to answer the phones? What kind of company does business this way? When the automated system asked for my social security number I hung up and didn’t give them my number. I have since found out that this company is a scam who hide behind P.O. Boxes, phone numbers and fake websites! Stay clear of these crooks!

Authors Name: James Dee


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Crazy 88 Auto Review Do Not Purchase From This Scam Company, 8.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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  1. Crazy88 is here to help people get over the hurdle of the down payment. You will still have to pay for the fucking car. What in the world would make you think they are going to give you a vehicle for 88 a month for ever.

    Think on it……. You thinking?….. Think somemore…. Just because your poor and possibly getting your dinner for free every night does not mean this company is going to give you a car for 7% of cost. Instead of paying 20,000 what would make you think you can only pay 4,000 and get a brand new car? Is it your low credit? Does that help? Or is it your stupidity?

    Think about it people.

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  2. Jake B. says:

    It’s all in the marketing. They are just a marketing arm attracting leads for auto dealers. As with any contract, you have to read the print. In their case it’s only $88 for the first 3 months, hen the price goes to normal. It’s no different the Aaron Rents or delayed payments at some dealers 9no payments for first 90 days). Just read the details. Auto dealers make money from you in many ways: the car sale price, trade-in values, interest rates, fees, parts/add-ons, adding extra payments on (longer loan term) and warranties and such. you have to negotiate all of them and be smart and savvy.

    Don’t ever let anyone take advantage of you and bring help if you need it. Also get pre-approved if you can ahead of time from your bank so you have some negotiating power to combat the rate the dealer tries to quote you.

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